How to protect kitchen countertops?

Instead of placing hot items directly on wooden or laminate countertops, use heat-friendly objects to protect the countertop surface and prevent heat damage; a simple heating pad or trivet made of cork, bamboo, silicone or ceramic, for example, will do the job very well. Most kitchen countertops made of granite have a polished finish that makes them beautiful but somewhat delicate. Although granite is extremely hard, it should never be cut directly on the countertop. Do not drag pots and pans across the surface, as they may scratch the polished finish.

Because granite is a porous stone that can absorb liquids, you should clean up spills quickly to avoid staining. Certain food products in particular, acids such as citrus juice, vinegar and even soda, can etch granite and should be avoided near the countertop. Use a damp cloth with a mild dishwashing detergent to clean the countertop instead of harsh or abrasive cleaners. Once a year, apply a resealer to your granite countertop with a polished finish.

Regularly polish the surface with a granite sealant. Most surfaces tend to stain. Unfortunately, parties and family gatherings often don't end without spills. If you're inviting family members and other loved ones for Thanksgiving or Christmas, make sure to clean up spills right away.

Otherwise, the liquid can be allowed time to penetrate the stone. If you clean up spills as soon as you can, you will prevent stains from forming. As a general rule, you should always use a cutting board when cutting anything on your countertops. It's easy to be tempted when you're in a hurry to try to cut something really fast without a cutting board, but don't.

Take an additional 20 seconds to get off the board and save your countertops from scratches and scrapes. Anything with liquid (hot or cold) can leave a permanent ring on your countertops if you leave it without a coaster. Coasters are inexpensive and come in many interesting patterns, so always have at least one set handy for you and your guests. Use pot holders, placemats %26 oven gloves.

If you own stone countertops or kitchen islands, you probably understand that the best ways to protect them from spills and dirt are special sealants and cleaners.