How to take out kitchen countertops?

Let sit for an hour, use a spatula or box cutter to remove the adhesive from the splash guard or the wall. Carefully pry the tool of your choice under the counter until it is loose enough to lift it up. Most likely, the countertop will be held in place with silicone adhesive. Cut the silicone adhesive between the cabinet and the countertop with a razor blade.

Be careful not to damage the front of the cabinets. Next, place the paint scraper in the seam between the cabinets and the countertop, and tap it gently with a hammer. Swipe the paint scraper forward approximately one inch to break the adhesive seal (Image. Ask a friend to lift the countertop to make this process easier (Image.

Empty the drawers and remove them. Empty the cabinets, as removing the countertop will create a lot of dust and debris. Closing cabinet doors with adhesive tape (after removing the screws in Step) is a good idea to avoid unwanted openings when removing the countertop and prevent them from being damaged. Close the water supply lines.

Then, using the basic faucet, disconnect it from the faucet. Keep a bucket nearby to collect water. Removing a laminate kitchen countertop is relatively easy because it attaches to cabinets with a combination of adhesive and screws. These kitchen countertops can be very heavy and the way they are installed makes it difficult to remove them, increasing the risk of damage during extraction.