What kitchen countertops are trending?

The non-porous material of the kitchen countertop is famous for its resistance to bacteria, stains, heat and scratches. On top of that, quartz is extremely low maintenance and is very durable, making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. What is more? Since quartz is a man-made material, it can be customized with any pattern, color or finish you prefer, making it the perfect material for homeowners who want to bring a different vision to life. For more information on the colors of quartz countertops and the rising stars we've been seeing this year, check out our color guide here.

As design styles trend toward minimalism, it's no wonder that realistic and subtle countertop patterns are gaining popularity. Perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated design, a minimalist pattern is ideal for those who prefer a modern aesthetic in their kitchen. No matter what color scheme or design preferences you have, a countertop with a beautiful and realistic pattern will add subtle yet artistic appeal to your kitchen. Subtle countertop patterns can also make your kitchen look more expensive and give you a luxurious feel.

Choosing from the most in-demand latest quartz countertop brands is the perfect way to ensure you find the right stone for your vision. When you want a bold and eye-catching countertop material, you can lean towards granite, and you'll undoubtedly find plenty of impressive options to consider. However, the bold marble patterns are scheduled to take over in the coming year. For example, the marble in this contemporary kitchen, which looks like Calacatta Gold, is a perfect example.

Coupled with dark wood cabinets above and below, the countertop and backsplash help make the open space cohesive and inviting. This is also an excellent example of the powerful statement that a bold marble pattern can have. All-White Kitchens Are Truly In Decline. While they look clean and elegant, people get tired of the cooler monochrome look and lean towards more homely colors based on nature, such as blue and green.

Currently, the most popular option in kitchen countertops, homeowners choose quartz surface because of its many advantages. Quartz doesn't need to be sealed and its seams blend very well. It is easy to clean and is resistant to heat, scratches and stains. Due to its manufacturing process (bonding quartz crystals with a resin-based product), quartz is durable and has a seemingly infinite variety of colors and patterns available through brands such as Cambria, Silestone and many others.

Granite surfaces are stone slabs cut from the ground, making each piece unique. It is more porous than quartz and requires a little more maintenance. You can order granite countertops with a polished and glossy finish, a matte matte finish, or a special finish, such as slub or leather. Due to the many color and finish options, design flexibility is a significant advantage when choosing granite.

Marble lovers should also consider quartzite, because it is a natural stone with a similar beauty. Quartzite is a solid and crystalline mass of mineral stone cut from the earth into slabs. It is harder than most knife blades and is more resistant to engraving than marble. The generally lighter and more subtle shades of quartzite give it design versatility.

A standard backsplash will extend 4 inches from countertop surface to wall. They offer a certain level of protection for your walls against hazards such as spills and stains. However, recent trends have led many homeowners to opt for full splashes, splashes that cover the area between the countertop surface and the bottom of the upper cabinets. Some splash guards can even extend to the ceiling.

Both natural and engineered stone are modern options for full splashes. Whether it's a granite or quartz slab, a full splash guard will look fantastic and add more protection to your walls. Subway tile was once one of the most popular materials for splashing. This is no longer the case, as many homeowners are opting for full backsplash plates made of natural or engineered stone.

According to the Houzz Kitchen Trends study, more than a third of homeowners surveyed (35%) “splurged on countertops, which were improved in more than nine out of 10 homeowners, the most common feature improved during kitchen renovations. The countertop is more than just a place to rest your small appliances; it sees a lot of work every day, while also playing an important role in the look of your kitchen and its style. By comparison, quartzite (natural sandstone that melts under heat and pressure with sparkling quartz crystals) is considered the fastest-growing kitchen countertop material for approximately 17% of respondents, while granite is considered the fastest growing among just over 9% of kitchen countertop professionals respondent design. After all, they cover the entire kitchen work surface and are the true basis of any kitchen design.

If you're ready to combine cabinets and countertops, there are six popular countertops you should consider for your kitchen remodel. If countertops are a little more expensive than what you were looking for, they can end up paying off in the long run, considering that new countertops aren't a frequent investment. Concrete countertops add an element of texture to a space and, due to their high durability and low maintenance, are excellent for the kitchen. Considered a focal point in any kitchen, a waterfall island is a kitchen countertop trend that adds beauty, elegance and uniqueness to a design.

This kitchen countertop idea displays a streak-like color pattern on a white background (or in neutral tones), to give just the right amount of vitality to your space. While options like concrete countertops are expensive, you'll be able to find certain types of granite countertops that are easier to fit your budget. For example, perhaps the colors of the perimeter and island will be reversed; light cabinets with dark countertops on the perimeter and dark cabinets with light countertops on the island. According to Susan Serra, president of kitchen and bathroom design firm Susan Serra Associates, homeowners with small and medium-sized kitchens are reconsidering double ovens.

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